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 We are Texas Prisons Air-Conditioning Advocates (TPAA). Currently, we have members from all over the world, and we are adding members daily. Our founder and president, Casey Phillips, started this group in May 2018. We advocate for incarcerated individuals and their families, as well as others regarding the life-threatening and torturous conditions individuals are experiencing within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) facilities due to the extreme summer temperatures.  Although prison temperatures are our primary focus Casey and her husband, Justin Phillips, have been deeply impacted as a family by detrimental medical conditions that exist within the prison system.  Therefore, in 2020 TPAA expanded its focus to include various medical issues and contaminated water.  We believe aggressive changes in these areas are much needed and are long overdue.

Our goals are as follows;

1. To hold TDCJ accountable for the current policy, i.e., Heat Directive. (Unfortunately, the policy doesn’t always equal practice.)

2. Ensure that TDCJ maintains the same standards that are already utilized by the Texas Jail system, which are to maintain temperatures between 65° and 85° within all of TDCJ’s Prison facilities.

3. Empower and Educate Family members and Incarcerated individuals for Advocacy.

4. Increase public awareness of detrimental and inhumane prison conditions within TDCJ facilities.


Be the voice for those whose voices are not being heard. We need you to get involved! There are lots of opportunities big and small to help out.



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